About Refill Officer Recruitment
We are an Alliance Reroll on .... This reroll was established because like many I was tired of bouncing from guild to guild never really finding a place where I could be happy long term. I wanted to create something new. A guild where I could have not just members but friends. 

How many times have you joined a guild and outside of the "welcome spam" there is no effort made to connect with you? Have you been in the position of looking for a new guild only a couple of months after joining one? Many guilds fail because they don't create that sense of community. There is nothing outside of raiding to help their members bond. 

This reroll will be different from others you've been a part of in many ways. Our start is currently set as May 21. From now until then there will be weekly events scheduled inside and outside of game for our recruits to participate in and get to know each other before the reroll starts. Discord, most importantly voice, is going to be mandatory. 
Guild News

No News Is Currently Available

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